Martin Freeman Will Be Saving Santa

Martin Freeman’s already done one Christmas movie and it was the surprisingly decent Nativity! way back in 2009. But now he’s going to be working on an animated movie which sounds suspiciously like the plot to Aardman’s recent Arthur Christmas.

It’ll see Freeman as a accident-prone elf desperately trying to save Santa’s when a villain discovers his grotto at the North Pole.  Saving Santa will feature the voices of Freeman but also Noel Clarke, Joan Collins, Tim Curry, Pam Ferris, Chris Barrie and Craig Fairbrass – so an all UK cast it seems.

It’ll be produced by the team behind Shank and Adulthood which doesn’t really inspire us with much confidence…

It’s from a script by newcomer Ricky Roxburgh and will be directed by Leon Joosen, who’s work in the animation department of a number of titles including The Little Mermaid, Space Jam and Aliens In The Attic.

It’s currently looking for a major studio home at the moment, so if and when it finds it, we’ll be able to offer more details on a possible release date.