Marvel Plans More Hulk Movies

One of the best things about Avengers Assemble was the Hulk. After two lacklustre outings, finally Joss Whedon and Mark Ruffalo manged to do the character justice.  With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Marvel are planning to cook up some more films based around the big guy. Well that might happen sooner than expected as Ruffalo’s just signed on for six (!) more Hulk films.

President of Marvel Studios Production Kevin Feige has stated before that Marvel have no solid plans to bring back the Hulk for more solo outings just yet but consumer products chief Paul Gitter chatted to Forbes about the company’s surprise about just how popular he was in Avengers Assemble – and he clearly has eyes on the marketability of an associated toy line.

Gitter’s idea is to have The Hulk as a standalone TV series – we’re guessing like the Lou Ferrigno outings of old – and the another film by 2015.

We’re dubious about that as it’s impossible to marshall the kind of special effects needed to make Hulky a reality on the small screen. And part of Hulk’s appeal is that he’s used fairly sparingly. After a TV series, it’s likely that he’d be rather stale by the time the film would roll around. Not to mention the rather significant problem that it’d be hard to convince Ruffalo to give up films to star in a TV series.

But definitely “yes” to more Hulk – his presence brought a wide grin to all our faces in Avengers Assemble. If you still haven’t seen it, what are you still doing reading this? Go!