Marvel To Develop Guardians Of The Galaxy

All Marvel’s A-list properties have now made it to the big screen with superhero dust up The Avengers currently in production. It’s only natural therefore that they turn their attentions to the lesser known crop of characters. Well that’s a big list as Marvel has over 9000 characters to choose from.

Next up will be Guardians Of The Galaxy a group orinally created in 1969 who live in an alternative reality 31st century. They’re a group of superheros who have banded together to fight the evil Badoon, a race bent on conquering the solar system. They eventually travel to 20th century earth where they team up with The Avengers.

The team was relaunched in 2008 and it’s not clear which incarnation an adapation would follow. We’ll keep you updated with more news as we get it, that’s if you’re not already sick to your spandex underpants with superhero news.