Matt Damon Ditches Directorial Debut

It has been reported that Matt Damon has pulled the plug on his directorial debut.

Despite anticipation for the actor to follow in the footsteps of his old writing partner and long-time bromance buddy Ben Affleck, he has apparently withdrawn from the project in question due to a combination of ‘script issues’ and scheduling problems.

A few months back it was rumoured that he would be directing an unnamed movie from the Warner Bros studio, said to be along the lines of Erin Brokovich; a gritty drama revolving around a salesman and his arrival in small-town America.

Co-written by Damon alongside Office star John Krasinski, the film looks promising and is happily still going ahead, with reports saying that despite his directorial departure the Bourne Identity actor will still fulfil his acting responsibilities.

Word is that the studio is currently searching for a replacement director, yet it remains to be seen who will fill Damon’s shoes.