Matt Smith Talks ‘Christopher and His Kind’

Matt Smith, the current incarnation of Doctor Who, has hopes that his latest TV role will separate him from being known as ‘that guy who played the Doctor after David Tennant’. Goodluck.

With further series of Doctor Who lined up, the 28 year old took some time away from the Tardis to portray Christopher Isherwood, a young gay man in the 1970’s, in ‘Christopher and His Kind.’

Doctor Who – I mean Matt Smith – has stated, “Hopefully people see me as actor who can adapt to different roles and I’m very grateful to ‘Doctor Who’ for giving me the platform to do it – it’s one of the favourable things about having a great role like that.â€?

“But hopefully, watching this, you don’t see the Doctor.”

Playing a pioneer of open sexuality has apparently had its difficulties and after being asked if the role was challenging, he said, “Challenging the perception that I can only be one thing, yes. I mean, I always want to do varied work that is challenging – this is a great story”

“I don’t think it has any bearing on whether I’m straight or purple or Bognor Regis or whatever; you can be anything. The point is you pretend and make it all up.”

Well, that is what acting is about after all; pretending.