Matthew Goode For Stoker

matthewg210Alice In Wonderland‘s Mia Wasikowska signed up for Stoker a while back but rumours have been floating around about who the male lead would be. Names like Michael Fassbender, Joel Edgerton and Colin Firth have been batted (hah!) around for a while. All bets are off now though as Matthew Goode (Ozymandias from Watchmen) has signed up for the role.

The script by Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller tells the story of an eccentric teen whose uncle (that’d be Goode then) returns to the family after her father dies. It’s not very clear what the Stoker of the title refers to. Is her uncle Stoker? Does he turn out to be a vampire? Is this the inspiration for Dracula? Maybe we’ve got it wrong and her uncle is a simple boilerman for the local steam-powered train line?

More likely that her uncle will be called Charlie as the prequel script that’s already been produced is called Uncle Charlie (unless this is a double bluff and it’s a film about cocaine binges, who knows?). It’s not even clear what genre this is, with some sources claiming it to be horror and others psychological thriller.

Excitingly though, the director is Park Chan-Wook who directed the excellent Vengeance Trilogy (seek out Old Boy if you haven’t seen it, it’s a cracker) and more recently, the vampire-themed Thirst. It’ll be his English language debut, so expectations are high.

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