Matthew Vaughn Signs On For X-Men First Class Sequel

It’s not exactly a big surprise but Matthew Vaguhn has signed on the dotted line with 20th Century Fox for the sequel to X-Men First Class.

It seems that largely the same team will be kept for the second instalment with Simon Kinberg, the producer of First Class and writer of X3 taking a crack at the script.  There’s no word yet on whether Jane Goldman will have a hand in the writing but that news wouldn’t be in the least bit surprising, nor would some script work from Vaughn himself.  It’s still early days though, so watch this space.

It seems that the biggest problem concerning a sequel will be in the scheduling.  Everyone’s a tad busy of late, particular a certain Michael Fassbender whose star has understandably exploded since last year.  Vaughn’s also not short of a few projects, so slotting the next X-Men film in will be a bit of a squeeze.

Watch this space for more info.