Matthew Weiner Talks Mad Men Series Five

Prepare to think that smoking is cool again because Mad Men will be returning to our screens next month – at 9pm on Tuesday 27th March to be precise. We make that 52 days away.. Hurrah!

The date was confirmed as show-runner Matthew Weiner spoke of what fans could expect from the long-delayed fifth season, which will debut with a two-hour episode ‘A Little Kiss’.

“The year doesn’t really mean anything,â€? Weiner said. “It doesn’t. I’m not doing a history lesson. The thing that I’m excited about is I wanted to give people a big helping. I wanted a two-hour premiere. It’s a Mad Men movie — I don’t think anyone’s going to think it’s two episodes spliced together. There is a story that starts in the middle of it [but otherwise] it’s one story. The beginning and the ending are related to each other.â€?

“There’s a time jump,” he said. “There are some new people. Changes have happened off screen, and the audience will have to catch up with that. Even though Don (Hamm) ended up making this overture to Megan (Jessica Paré), and the audience felt sort of peculiar about it, so did the people in the office. That’s something that we play on.”

“There’s this sensation, which I think people have right now… there is just so much change going on,” the showrunner explained. “I don’t know if anybody else identifies with that, but that’s a big part of the season. Just trying to hold on.”

Weiner has also been talking to The Hollywood Reporter about some themes of the new series: “We talked about ‘life isn’t fair’ before on the show, but the realisation of, like, you really have to deal with your own problems by yourself and other people are not interested – that self-interest can be a surprise, especially if you’re trying to be good.â€?

But does he think the big gap between the last season will have any affect on the show? “I have to tell you, I more than anyone know that a lot of pleasure in the show is the accumulation of details and we talked about that, but I do think that last season’s finale was kind of the most cliff-hanger-y we’ve done because it was such an abrupt shift and it was really like we’ve just got to Don and all of the sudden we’re on the outside again.

“Some people felt betrayed in a way I think…They thought the story was honest but they thought “Oh, he almost made it.â€? But considering all the drama of not being on the air for the past year, I’m glad that it was that kind of episode and we left them there.