McG To Direct Wonder Woman?

Wonderwoman210Wonder Woman looks set to return to our small screens if NBC have anything to do with it and Terminator Salvation and Charlie’s Angels director McG is the frontrunner to sit in the canvas chair according to TV Line.

It’s been in development as a movie for quite sometime but has never really got off the ground, so Warners decided to try to get back on the small screen where her success originated. This proved harder than they thought and even though they rounded up David E. Kelley who’s had great success with shows like Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and more recently Harry’s Law, every single network passed on the idea.

This all changed with NBC’s appointment of new exec Bob Greenblatt who decided that perhaps what our TVs needed were some more gold wristcuffs and so Kelley was brought back in. Now that they project’s going ahead the front runner for directorial duty is apparently McG.

Despite not being able to direct traffic, McG does have some decent TV success after helping to launch Chuck, Supernatural and Nikita so it’s best not to write him off completely. Nothing’s signed and sealed yet so this could all completely change but it does look like we’ll be seeing Princess Diana of Themyscira again soon.