Media Alliance Objects To Sky News Takeover

BT, the Guardian Media Group, Associated Newspapers, Trinity Mirro, Northcliffe Media and the Telegraph Media Group have joined together to file an objection to the decision that would allow NewsCorp’s BSkyB takeover as long as Sky News becomes a separate company.

The alliance argue that the TV station would not be truly independent from NewsCorp even if the move goes through – meaning that the only people who don’t think the deal is a bit strange are Jeremy Hunt and the Competition Commission.

The group said that the merger represents “an unprecedented departure from normal standards as applied under the UK’s merger control regime,â€? and that the proposed separation of Sky News was “no effective or lasting solution to the plurality concerns raised by the merger.â€?

The main concern is the claim that under Rupert Murdoch’s current plan, Sky News would have to rely on NewsCorp for 85% of its revenue, effectively making it subjects to NewsCorp’s influence.

It certainly seems like the current plans are simply an attempt to blow smoke in the eyes of competitors, but if Jeremy Hunt is happy, who are we to argue…