Meg Ryan Turns Director For ‘Into The Beautiful’

meg-ryan-picture-1-300x210Nineties romcom magnate Meg Ryan is to direct her first feature film, a comedy drama about old friends reuniting, entitled ‘Into The Beautiful’.

The script is by ‘Cavedweller’ writer Anne Meredith, and the project will be produced by Wendy Finerman. She told Variety: “I’m often drawn to pictures that make you laugh and cry. I think this is the perfect project for Meg to bring to life. She’s poignant and funny and heartfelt.”

Meg and Wendy are to start casting soon, and filming will kick off in September in New York.

As her acting career has lulled over the past few years (she was last seen in Serious Moonlight), it’s not surprising that Meg, like so many thespians before her, has decided to extrapolate her creative vision to behind the camera. She joins the likes of George Clooney, Drew Barrymore and Mel Gibson in that noble tradition.