Megan Fox Goes Straight To DVD

Megan Fox300Megan Fox’s new movie Passion Play has received the ultimate humiliation; it’s getting a straight to DVD release.

Even the sight of the former Transformers star in her underwear couldn’t save a film that was panned at its Toronto Film Festival premiere last year. According to the Daily Mail, many viewers walked out of the screening and critics called it a “mess” and “an absolute car wreck”.

The film is about an angel under the thumb of a ruthless gangster who gets saved by a trumpet player down on his luck. Compelling stuff we’re sure. But the film has bombed, despite having Fox, Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray in leading roles.

Maybe the good ship Transformers wasn’t such a bad place for Mrs Fox to be after all, who’d have thought falling out with Michael Bay could be such a bad move?!