Melissa McCarthy Steals Jason Bateman’s ID

Not literally, that would be silly. But they have both signed up to new comedy ID Theft. For those of you scratching your heads at the name “Melissa McCarthy”, she’s the overweight walking riot in the excellent Bridesmaids who easily walks away with some of the film’s best scenes.

According to Deadline, McCarthy’s work on Bridesmaids was so good that it compelled Jason Bateman (who’s producing as well as starring) to get the script rewritten so that it included her.

The story is pretty vague at the moment with Bateman playing an ordinary guy who gets his identity stolen (no really). The thief was originally going to be a guy everything’s changed now that McCarthy’s taken the role.

The script was orginally written by Steve Conrad (The Pursuit Of Happyness) but now it needs a rewrite to accommodate a female lead, it’s fallen to Hangover 2 writer Craig Mazin. Make of that what you will.

Shooting begins next April so there’s still plenty of time to work the bugs out. Meanwhile, the project still needs a director.