Mia Wasikowska For Stoker?

mia210Until the ink’s dry, no casting is ever certain. Carey Mulligan was previously attached to star in Stoker with Jodie Foster also floating about as a possible. But now it seems that idea’s been completely ditched in favour of Alice In Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska.

The screenplay’s written by none other than Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller (clearly a man with hidden talents) and tells the story about an eccentric teen whose weird Uncle returns to the family after her father dies. But with his arrival brings a series of strange events. Wasikowska has had plenty of experience acting alongside unstable nutters in Wonderland, so she seems well suited to the role.

Even more exciting than that is that this will be Korean director Park Chan-Wook’s first English language film (he did the masterful thriller Oldboy and more recently vampire flick Thirst), so this cult fans can start hopping up and down now (it’s hard to type, trust me).