Michael Bay For Transformers 4?

You can never have enough pyrotechnics right? That’s the creed that Michael Bay has lived his life by and if rumours are true, he could be strapping himself in for a fourth dose of twisted metal and fireballs.

Vulture reports that Paramount are now in official talks with Bay to lock in a deal.

Meanwhile Bay’s trying to get his project Pain And Gain off the ground, a thriller about a group of Florida bodybuilders who operate a kidnapping and extortion scene. The Rock and Mark Wahlberg are the two names he’s looking for but they’ve yet to sign on the dotted line.

Interestingly Pain And Gain appears to be one of the bargaining chips at the table. If Paramount let him make it, then he’ll agree to do Transformers 4. There’s no word yet on what the plot will be but we know one thing, it won’t be a prequel. Transformers is such a big money-spinner for Paramount that they’ll probably end up making it with or without Bay but they seem keen to have him at the moment.

Watch this space…