Michael Cera For Magic, Magic

cera210Michael Cera seems to have taken Scott Pilgrim‘s box office failure (despite it being brilliant) to heart as he hasn’t really been seen in anything since. That looks set to change though, as he’s just hopped aboard indie drama, Magic, Magic.

While Cera is usually the geeky Hollywood oddball of choice, appearing in films like Juno, Superbad and Youth In Revolt (we’re ignoring Year One, it was just a bad memory ok?), Magic, Magic seems to represent a significant change in direction for his career. But with Cera absent, who will fill the void? Jon Heder’s already graduated beyond Napoleon Dynamite so, I recommend Submarine‘s very own Craig Roberts.

It centres on a young woman who goes on holiday with friends to a remote island near Chile only to lose her mental faculties. Though she tries to get the seriousness of her condition across to her friends, they ignore her until it’s far too late.

Chilean writer/director Sebastian Silva will write and direct but there’ll be no production dates nailed down until they find a female lead.