Michael K Williams Takes On Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Having holstered his gun in his guise as Omar on The Wire, Michael K Williams is now set to play ODB (aka Russell Jones) in Dirty White Boy.

The film will track Ol’ Dirty Bastard as he makes preparations for a comeback after a three-year stint in prison.

The story of how ODB managed to get back on track may sound like it has been sprinkled with more than a pinch of “artistic license”. But it is, in fact, the gawd’s honest truth.

After spending years in and out of the slammer for various felonies, an ambitious wee 22-year-old VH1 production assistant, Jarred Weisfiled, convinced ODB to take him on as manager. Despite the young dirty bastard’s inexperience, the pair experienced success before Jones’ drug-related death in 2004.

Reassuringly, Brent Hoff, who worked at VH1 and met both men before ODB’s death, has written the script. While We Own The Night director of photographer Joaquin Baca-Asay is stepping up to call the shots.