Michelle Rodriguez Returns For Machete Kills

Robert Rodriguez’s sequel to Machete is steadily building its cast. Last week, we had news that troubled star Mel Gibson would be jumping on board and now Michelle Rodriguez is set to return.

She’ll be reprising her role as resistance leader Luz and will be helping Danny Trejo track down Mendez The Madman, a notorious drug cartel leader. A bit of an update on Mel Gibson’s role too – he’ll be playing an arms dealer called Luther Voz, who is looking to start a war by launching a “deadly missle”.

There’s also a little bit more casting news for Michelle Rodriguez but it’s a bit spoilerific, so stop reading now if you care at all about Fast Five. It was revealed that Letty – the love interest of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) – might not have died in the first film after all. Now that Rodriguez has signed up for Fast 6, it looks like she’s actually going to be making her screen return alongside Paul Walker, The Rock and Gina Carano.

That’s not all, she’ll also crop up in the unkillable Resident Evil franchise’s next instalment Retribution which will return on September 28th.