Mike Tyson: “Beautiful Peacock”

Mike Tyson

To today’s teenagers, he’s the psycho who owns a tiger in The Hangover. To their parents he was the greatest boxer of his generation. He was probably the most feared man in America for most of the 90s, but as he says himself, “People have to realise Iron Mike is dead, I’m doing something else now, that’s just what it is.”

In BEING: Mike Tyson, he explores the life he’s built for himself after serving time in prison for rape, bankruptcy and numerous failed marriages.

On performing his one man show, he had this to say:

“‘When I perform even in fighting, I look at myself as a beautiful peacock, I don’t think about myself like that personally, but my performance I look at myself as beautiful, I don’t think I’m beautiful, I think I’m ugly, black broke ugly ****, but when I perform I envisage myself in the grandest and noblest vision that light can produce beyond the human eye. I don’t think that way personally about myself only in my performance I think I’m a god, I think I’m beautiful…I think that way I don’t know why I don’t think that way personally, I wish I thought that way personally about my personal self.”

BEING: Mike Tyson – Wednesday 8th January at 10pm on FOX