Miley Cyrus Joins Cast Of ‘Hotel Transylvania’

In another creepy twist in the tale of Miley Cyrus’ inexplicable and intensely annoying rise to wealth and stardom, she’ll be voicing Dracula’s daughter in new Sony animation, Hotel Transylvania.

And, in line with her previous role in Hannah Montana, she has another ageing plonker for a father.

Adam Sandler will be lending is voice to the bloodthirsty Count Dracula. In this latest take on the well-known story Dracula is fiercely protective of his little girl Mavis, whose adventurous spirit he fears will take her away from him.

Billy Ray Cyrus will be choking back the tears.

The poor suffocating maniac then has to deal with Mavis taking a shine to an “ordinary guy” who stumbles into the hotel….

To be fair to the project, it boasts an impressive voice cast: Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon are playing werewolf couple Wayne and Wanda; Cee Lo Green is Murray the Mummy; David Spade is Griffin the Invisible Man; Kevin James and Fran Drescher are Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride; and David Koechner is Quasimodo. Jonathan the normal guy is voiced by Andy Samberg.

Hotel Transylvania should be released in September 2012.