Military Wives Drama On The Way

Gareth Malone and his troop of singing Military Wives may have already conquered the British charts, but it appears they have also inspired a six-part drama focusing on the lives of women left behind by partners who are fighting in Afghanistan.

Swags (working title) – which stands for “service wives and girlfriends” – will be an ITV1 drama based around four women, Debbie, Gemma, Louise and Claire, who live in Army quarters in the garrison town of Leysham.

“Life is far from easy for the women” but the drama promises to be “upbeat with an ever present streetwise sense of humour.

“These women deal with fixing the boiler, filling the fridge and getting the kids off to school at the same time as coping with infidelity, insecurity, bereavement and bureaucracy.”

Former Corrie producer, Kim Crowther, will be overseeing the project, which is expected to begin filming in May. There are no names mentioned yet but with a wealth of female British talent to choose from, producers will be spoilt for choice.

Kieran Roberts, also a Corrie producer, is also associated with the project and has spoken about the upcoming drama: “Swags is an emotional and heart-wrenching drama about the women who fight their own battles on the home front while thousands of miles away their loved ones are risking their lives every day.

“Seeing how these remarkable women cope with survival, triumph, love and loss will make compelling viewing,â€? he added.

Will Gareth have a cameo role? We hope son.