Miller Announces Plans for New Mad Max Trilogy

As if the Mad Max: Fury Road reboot hasn’t had enough trouble getting to the screens already, director George Miller plans to make it just the first installment in a new trilogy.

In an interview with Australia’s Financial Review Miller’s production partner Doug Mitchell revealed “we started with Fury Road, but we then started to do a second story and a third… We’ve written the script for the second and almost finished the third. We never intended to; they were part of the exploration of the characters.”

The new instalment will take place slightly after the last Mel Gibson film, Beyond Thunderdome.

It’s been a bumpy road (get it?) for the remake, which has had trouble keeping its budget in check and though it was supposed to begin shooting back in September of 2010 and then last April, cameras are now scheduled to begin cranking in April 2012. However, with a cast rumored to include the likes of Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, and Zoe Kravitz and with George Miller in the director’s chair, it could be a huge success.

As for the potential sequels, no more evidence has surfaced besides what we know from the interview and it will probably depend mostly on how Fury Road does in the box office.