Jennifer Garner To Give Miss Marple A Facelift

Garner300What would you expect if Miss Marple, Agatha Christie’s beloved part time super sleuth went to Hollywood? That she would suddenly become 40 years younger, much more attractive and look a lot like Jennifer Garner? Well, believe it or not, according to Deadline that’s exactly what is going to happen.

Yes, Disney are reportedly enlisting writer Mark Frost of Fantastic Four and Twin Peaks fame to craft a script where Miss Marple is the age of Jennifer Garner. Because it’s much easier to re-write a story to fit an actress, than simply get someone the right age, obviously.

In fact, this piece of news will simply fuel the flames of those who feel that the one thing Hollywood is best at is taking stories people love, changing all the bits that made them good and hoping viewers are too distracted by all the movie gloss to notice.

Goodness knows what other changes will be made, but it’s unlikely that the story will be taking place in a sleepy little English village. In fact, by the time the film is finished, don’t be too surprised if Miss Marple is donning a mask and cape to take to the streets of London , joining a group of con-men to pull off a heist at a Las Vegas casino, or even looking for a lost fish called Nemo. Nothing would surprise us any more.