Top 20 Mistakes Men Make With Their Mates

A poll carried out amongst 2,000 women in relationships found that a quarter feel that the lads their boyfriend, fiancée or husband knocks around with have a detrimental effect on their other half’s behaviour.

Complaints that ‘they are too loud’, ‘show off’ and‘ act differently around them’ were the main grumbles; ‘swearing’ and ‘telling the same stories over and over again’ were also common complaints.

The survey was commissioned to celebrate the film 2 GUNS coming to DVD and Blu-ray on 9 December, which sees Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg embark on a comedic bromance of their own when they are forced on the run together.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesman for 2 GUNS said: ‘’Many women think that when their partner gets together with his friends he regresses by ten years or more. The language they use is different, the topics of conversation are different and they do have a tendency to show off.

Top 20 Mistakes Committed By Men When They’re With Their Mates:

1. Drinks too much
2. Completely ignores you
3. Tells the same stories you have heard over and over again
4. Talks about football endlessly
5. Shows-off
6. Swears more
7. Staying out late
8. Playing commuter games for hours on end
9. Acting like they’re still teenagers
10. Tell each other unfunny jokes
11. Doesn’t show you any affection
12. Talks about women
13. Drives faster
14. Acts the class clown
15. Acts like a completely different person
16. Talks about cars
17. Makes out he helps with cooking and cleaning more than he actually does
18. Shouts at the TV
19. Makes out he’s really independent
20. Calls you by your proper name and not the pet names you have for each other