Mob Wives Chicago Trailer “I Will F*cking Blast Her!” ..Hurrah

If VH1 and MTV are to be believed, we all have an unhealthy fascination with the incomprehensibly stupid wives of rich dicks. We can’t get enough of them they think. And now VH1 have just unveiled a trailer for yet another one: Mob Wives Chicago.

Mob isn’t a hip-hop abbreviation for “money over bitchesâ€?, by the way. No, this series follows women whose husbands or fathers are doing time for crimes connected to the Mafia.

It actually sounds more interesting than the trailer makes it look, but who knows, it could be fun.

The producers of Mob Wives Chicago are now no doubt hoping that these women don’t object to how VH1 have represented them. If they do, they might just mysteriously disappear, hopefully along with all VH1 programming about the wives of rich dicks.

Mob Wives Chicago debuts on VH1 on June 10 at 8pm ET.

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