Moffat finds Doctor Who ‘Exhausting’

Stephen Moffat has said that he finds writing hit series Doctor Who ‘exhausting.’

He said that although he enjoys writing the show, it can be tiring because he has to write for a character like The Doctor, who has such an extraordinary mind.

“The Doctor is brilliant fun to write,â€? he said. “But he’s exhausting, because you’re constantly trying to write somebody who’s got an extraordinary mind, when you’ve only got an ordinary one.â€?

“I have to do that with Sherlock Holmes as well.â€?

Moffat also revealed that the decision to introduce a mid-series break was taken because of the ‘sag’ experience part way through the last series.

“I want to avoid the mid-season sag,â€? he said to Doctor Who magazine. “Not a sag in quality, but a sag in event status. It was particularly noticeable last year. There’s nothing I won’t do. No, I kept saying, ‘We should have a big even in the middle of the series. We should have something that reall attracts attention, so there isn’t that sag.’â€?