“Mordred’s Return Biggest Threat There’s Ever Been..” Merlin Cast Talk Series Five

Alexander Vlahos will play Mordred in the fifth series of Merlin..
Merlin fans have been told to expect their favourite show to get darker still when it returns for a fifth series this autumn and Colin Morgan – who plays our eponymous hero – has warned that the return of one of his old rivals will be the wizard’s biggest test yet.

Mordred, who was played by Asa Butterfield in the first two series of Merlin, is due to return this time out.

“He’s the biggest threat there’s ever been. Anyone who knows the legend knows what Mordred is destined to do,” said Morgan of his old enemy, who’ll now be played by Alexander Vlahos.

“We tip a wink to the Arthurian legend of Mordred,” continued executive producer Johnny Capps, “but in our classic way with the series we’ve brought lots of twists and unexpected turns. What happens with Mordred is quite unexpected, and I think the audience will enjoy the way we’ve played round with the expectations of his character.”

Yet Capps also hinted that Mordred will cause Arthur’s death and form an alliance with Morgana, when speaking about the new series with Digital Spy.

“You can’t tell the story of Morgana without Mordred,” said Katie McGrath, who plays Morgana. “They are interlinked, they are entwined, and from the very first episode, you see that. You see that the bond they have is unbreakable. [He]’s almost the reason that she accepted her magic.”

It’s also become clear that the characters are growing up with the actors that portray them and we can expect Merlin to start throwing his weight around a lot more said Colin Morgan.

“Merlin is becoming more ruthless, because he is becoming more solid in his beliefs, and seeing things in a new way, right from the beginning. He sees something in particular that puts him on absolute drive, that puts him on a ruthless mode, I guess,” he said.

“I think he fears that side of himself, in a way. When he killed Agravaine, he wanted to do it, but he didn’t want to do it, but he had to do it… that’s Merlin’s dilemma: his power is also his curse.”

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