“Moriarty To Return? Nothing Is Impossible..” Says Andrew Scott

We won’t be getting any fresh Sherlock this year, but we certainly haven’t been short of gossip in the months since Benedict C*mberbatch plummeted from that roof. People are still debating how he survived that mishap by the way..

Usually its Steven Moffat teasing us with hints to keep us interested, but today Andrew Scott, the man who won a Best Supporting Actor for his role as Holmes-arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty in the BBC series, who’s been tantalising us by claiming that his character’s return is not impossible, despite appearing to die in the series two climax.

“It’s very hard for him to come back. But nothing is impossible,â€? he told the Radio Times last night. “One of the best things about working on Sherlock was acting with Benedict. He’s a really cool guy.â€?

“It was very important that the chemistry between the two of us was right and those scenes were written really brilliantly. That’s one of the things I’ll always remember.â€?

Scott explained that he wouldn’t mind playing Doctor Who if the role ever came up and told the press that a love of the original material was at the heart of Sherlock’s success.

“Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are massive Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts so I don’t think it would have worked if they hadn’t been such big enthusiasts. People forgot about the modernity of it very quickly.â€?

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