Movie inspired slot games

Las Vegas, Casino "Golden Nugget", 1968
Las Vegas, Casino "Golden Nugget", 1968

The influence of the movie industry

In the world of online casinos, slot machines are one of the most played games. Of all the slot machines, one of the most popular themes that come with many free spins no deposit bonus are based on movies.

The movie industry is big business. Not only for itself, but for other industries too.

Its influence is enormous to the point that it shapes culture. And when something has the ability to impact culture in this way, many companies want to use the hype of these movies to their advantage.

The draw that many movies get is essentially a kind of customer loyalty. When you have a name or brand with this loyalty, many products and services that attach to this brand are able to bring in a new pool of customers.

How online casinos are teaming up with Hollywood hits

Collaborating with a big movie title requires a serious investment as a result of the huge potential. It’s often not a simple process as all movies will be trademarked and copyrighted and therefore need a license to reuse the movie name.

Not all are able to negotiate a license successfully, so many products will make a look-alike version that resembles a movie. This shows the attraction movies have for certain industries, so much so, that just the resemblance to the movie alone has enough marketing appeal, even if it is not the original thing.

One industry in particular that loves to partner up with the movie industry is the gambling industry, and especially slots machines. As both industries are forms of entertainment, they are the perfect match.

Slots machines come in all different shapes and sizes, and by that we mean themes. Themes offer players a variety of options to play and cater to a bunch of different interests.

There are so many different themes out there that players are literally spoilt for choice. Some of the most popular slot machine themes however are based on big Hollywood movies.

The gaming industry has collaborated with Hollywood for a long time now. They feed off of the success of each other and we see not only movies being turned into games, but games being turned into movies too.

Looking away from the gambling area of the gaming industry for a moment, there are many iconic films turned video games such as Marvel’s Avengers and Mad Max. Similarly, there are plenty of movies that are based on successful video games such as Warcraft, Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, and Detective Pikachu.

Popular movies have been turned into video games
There are many popular films that have turned into video games across the years

Slot machines movie-themed slots

Jumping back to the slot machines, there are several reasons movie-themed slots have gained extra popularity over others.

With hundreds of themes to choose from at each online casino, makers of the slots need to find ways to stand out. Scrolling through the options, those themes based on well-known movies can be more recognisable and stand a greater chance of being selected by the player.

Not only this, but another factor for their popularity can be down purely to their entertainment value. Fans of the movie will find greater satisfaction when they see one of their favourite movie characters roll up on the slots or if it’s a video slot, a small video segment of the movie.

The more popular a movie-themed slot machine is, more so if it’s a progressive jackpot, it has a higher potential jackpot as more and more players will contribute to the final pot. This is another reason why so many are drawn to these themes.

Some examples of the best slot machines based on movies are:

  • Jurassic World
  • Thor
  • Beetlejuice
  • Oliver Twist
  • Game of Thrones

Some of the biggest selling movies like Marvel’s Thor and cultural hit, Jurassic World, along with the incredibly popular tv show Game of Thrones each have their own themed slot machine on Wink Slots. These are just some of the popular options from a wide range of different slot machines.

Slot machines
The gambling industry, in particular slot machines, take inspiration from popular Hollywood movies

Why we love movie-themed slots

From the big screens to the slot machines. There’s no denying that the movie industry and online casinos make a perfect pair.

Many Hollywood movies are based on stories set in casinos or originate in the gambling capital of the world Las Vegas. So, it makes sense for the casinos to take a little bit from the movie industry too, after all, winning the jackpot often feels like the climax of a movie.

With so many themes on offer in the online casinos, the ones that are standing out the most are those with themes based on movies. The recognisable characters and stories are enough to entice players to select them over others.

For those blockbuster movies turned top slot machine themes, they have millions of fans. It’s, therefore, no wonder why these slots, in particular, are so popular, especially for video slots that show little bits of the movie.

Even those who do not get the license to use the real movie, even creating a replica version as a theme offers so much to the online casinos looking to bring in new customers.

Not only is the entertainment value a massive factor for their popularity, but the more people play especially if they are progressive jackpots, the bigger the jackpot could be.

For new players or veterans of slot machines, choosing to play on movie-themed slots would be a fun choice as represented by their popularity. But for those looking for the chance to win big, these themed slots could provide a jackpot-winning moment, now that would like something out of a movie!