MP argues for “Mum’s Army” sitcom set during World War One

Dad's Army

Labour MP Ian Murray has called for the BBC to reboot classic sitcom Dad’s Army in order to celebrate women during the First World War.

During a Westminster debate yesterday paying tribute to the “overlooked” contributions made by women during the Great War, the MP for Edinburgh South made the suggestion.

To quote Hansard, Murray said: “Perhaps, if someone from the BBC is watching, they might want to change “Dad’s Army” to “Mum’s Army” and make a new comedy series about the contribution of women to the war effort.”

The original Dad’s Army did once have an episode called “Mum’s Army”, in which the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard tried to introduce women volunteers into the platoon. During this Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe) begins to fall in love with and has a Brief Encounter-style relationship with one of the new recruits. The episode is considered one of show’s most poignant.

The debate yesterday was partly focused on the work of Dr. Elsie Inglis, a surgeon and suffragist, who helped to set up 14 field hospitals, staffed mainly by women, across Europe during WWI. Today marks the centenary of her funeral.