Mystery BGT Blogger Cautioned By Police

An unnamed man has been cautioned by police for spreading ‘malicious’ rumours about Britain’s Got Talent finalist Ronan Parke in the week leading up to this year’s final.

In a web post, the chap wrote that the 12 year-old had been groomed by Simon Cowell for more than two years and his path to the final had been pre-planned. He later apologised for his blog and wrote a letter to Cowell himself explaining that he suffered from bi-polar disorder, however Simon Cowell’s company vowed to take the matter as far as possible with the police.

We assume that the man in question is now hanging by his ankles from a dungeon in one of Cowell’s many castles.

“We insisted we would push this to the full extent of the law and we have,” said a show insider following the police announcement. “We have to send a warning that this sort of thing is unacceptable.”

A Syco spokesperson later told The Sun: “The man has admitted he has absolutely no connection with Ronan Parke, Sony Music, Syco, or Britain’s Got Talent. The matter will not be taken further.”