Nak’d Truth To Flash Our Screens

A nude reality TV show is destined to belly-flop upon our beloved screens this year with a nudist equivalent to Big Brother.

As if shows such as The Only Way Is Essex, and Take Me Out weren’t already signalling the apocalypse of television itself, a British version of the successful American show, Nak’d Truth, is travelling over the Atlantic just for our viewing pleasure.

Auditions are to be held in Blackpool next month and once cast, the rabble of shameless, fame hungry Brits will be packed off to a nudist resort in Florida.

Speaking to the Daily Star, show creator, Harris Salomon, said, “We plan to take eight Brits and literally strip them naked. We want some seriously interesting Brits to make the line-up.â€?

“Clothing is such an integral part of who we are and we don’t understand how it affects us until we no longer have it on.â€?

So basically, we give them TV joys such as The Office and Shameless to remake…and they give us a naked Big Brother. Cheers guys.