Naomi Watts Hoovers Up Clint Eastwood Movie

Watts210Naomi Watts has signed up to play J Edgar Hoover’s dedicated secretary Helen Gandy in Clint Eastwood’s biopic of the man who founded the FBI, J Edgar.

It’s no great surprise – she’s been the front-runner ever since Charlize Theron announced that she was never formally engaged for the role and dropped out to be the evil queen in forthcoming dark fairytale Snow White And The Huntsmen.

The real Gandy worked with Hoover for 54 years and when he died spent weeks destroying files that he used to manipulate his political enemies.

Watts just adds even more weight to an already hefty cast list which features Leonardo DiCaprio as the man himself; Josh Lucas as legendary aviator and social activist Charles Lindbergh; Damon Herriman as Bruno Hauptmann, who was accused of kidnapping Lindbergh’s child and Armie Hammer as Clyde Tolson, Hoover’s deputy who was also rumoured to be his lover. It’ll also feature Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick who will play Agent Smith, a man hired to write his memoirs who unearths a little bit more than is comfortable when he starts digging through the archives.

Filming starts next month.