New Secret Diary Of A Call Girl To Be “Less Soft Porn, More Weird”

ITV2 had better prepare for a national outcry, because Billie Piper has only gone and revealed that the final series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl will be “less soft porn and more weirdâ€?.

That’s right, men (and women) the land over who took a sudden interest in the show – purely on the grounds of being interested in the impact of blogging, of course – will now have to deal with humerous sex scenes and cringe worthy baby/mother scenarios.

Speaking about her character Hannah Baxter – aka Belle De Jour – Piper told Heat magazine, “she has no moral compass now… One of her clients likes to dress up as a baby and be mothered. And these people do exist, by the way. They like to be cradled while wearing a nappy.â€?

She added: “And the sexy side of things is funnier. It’s still quite shocking, but we play it for laughs now a bit more. It’s fun.”

The actress said that when she first read the script, it felt “incredibly wrongâ€? but that they eventually found a way to make the scenes work. Speaking about her initial thoughts, she said: “How do you do it so it’s not just disgusting? But we found a way to make it work, and in the end it’s very funny, I hope.”

Secret Diary of a Call Girl returns for the fourth and final series on ITV2 next Thursday.