Natalie Zea To Star In Californication’s Fifth Season

Natalie Zea is to play Hank Moody’s (David Duchovny) new love interest in Californication’s upcoming fifth season. The news comes after Deadline reported Zea will be starring in a third season of FX’s highly successful Justified alongside Timothy Olyphant.

Womanising writer, Moody, has had countless conquests in Californication’s past four seasons including his boss’s wife, his student, his ex-wife’s underage stepdaughter, his defence lawyer for the statutory rape case brought on by said ex-wife’s stepdaughter, and even an actress playing the aforenamed ex-wife’s underage stepdaughter in an film adaption of the book written about the incident. So it will be interesting to see where the show’s creator, Tom Kapinos, sees Zea fitting into Moody’s tangled web.

Zea is certainly keeping herself busy, recently landing a role in JJ Abrams’ eagerly awaited CBS drama Person of Interest. Described as a superhero drama without the powers, Person of Interest sees an ex-CIA agent team up with a enigmatic billionaire to exact their own brand of vigilante justice on people who seek to commit violent crimes.