Neighbour’s Harold Bishop Makes Madame Tussauds Line-Up

Spot the difference

Harold Bishop – of Neighbours fame – has become the latest Aussie star to become immortalised in wax.

Harold (real name Ian Smith) is one of the Australian soaps most beloved characters and now visitors to Madame Tussauds in Sydney can spend as much time as they like fondling their fave coffee shop character.

Over 250 precise measurements were taken of the Ramsay Street icon at a sitting last year, and a further 800 hours were put in to constructing the final waxwork. And what a fine example he makes.

Cracking rather a sinister gag about his lifelike replica, Smith said:  “I’ve told my wife Gail when I drop off my perch she can take this home.â€?

Where was waxy Harold when Madge needed him back when the cheerful chappy disappeared from a beach back in 1991, eh?

After leaving the cast in 2009 after nigh on 12 years with the show, Harold has been a Ramsay Street stalwart through thick and thin and Ian’s impressive waxwork now stands shoulder to shoulder with other Aussie greats such as Dame Edna Everage, Rolf Harris and Guy Pearce.

Watch the fateful moment when Harold just plain ol’ vanished….HARRROOOLLLLDDD.

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