Neil Cross Joins Day Of The Triffids Remake

News of a Day of The Triffids remake has been rattling about for months now. First came the bloody battle between Warner Bros. and Mandate Pictures over who would have rights to produce (both of whom were later blown out of the water by Sam Raimi and Robert Taper’s Ghost House Pictures).

Then came Raimi’s assertion that he would like direct the remake himself.

Now comes the news that Ghost House have taken on Neil Cross (Luther, Spooks, The Wire) to write the script for their reimagining of the classic 1951 sci-fi horror by John Wyndham.

This is no mean feat for Cross, who will be competing with one previous feature film, two radio series and two TV translations of the epic story. Its eerie post-apocalyptic vibe has also been borrowed by several other films, with varied success.

For anyone who has only just been born (or failed to turn up for GCSE English lessons), the story tells of the devastating consequences of a sight-sapping meteor attack which just so happens to coincide with the arrival of deadly plants on planet Earth. Visually blessed hero, Bill Masen, is in hospital after a particularly nasty attack by a Triffid but that doesn’t stop him trying to help the rest of humanity cope with the plant invasion. Oh no.

There is no mention of whether Raimi is still planning to steer the remake to success from the comfort of his director’s chair, but perhaps things will become clearer once his work on Oz: The Great And Powerful is done.

Cross also scripted horror thriller Mama, which is now plunging through post-production and dug mule drama Midnight Delivery both for producer Guillermo del Toro.