Neil LaBute And Julian Fellowes To Build Crooked House

Labute210There’s two names we bet you’d never thought you’d see together. Neil LaBute, director of The Wicker Man (Not the bees!) and Death At A Funeral is teaming up with Gosford Park and Downtown Abbey scribe Julian Fellowes on an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Crooked House reports The Independent.

Agatha Christie herself regarded Crooked House as one of her favourite novels. It sees narrator Charles Hayward engaged to the lovely Sophia. But before they can skip merrily down the aisle, someone has to solve the murder of her grandfather, who has been poisoned.

Agatha Christie has endured some criticism of late, some accusing it of being “fusty” with rumours circulating that ITV might axe the series after 22 years. Fellowes vehemently disagrees – “I love Christie and don’t think it’s at all dated,” he said. “It’s one of those things that never go stale: murder in a genteel setting appeals to audiences in Britain and around the world.

Fellowes also clearly believes that LaBute is the man for the job, “I love the period, I love Agatha Christie and I love the idea of reinventing it. It will be exciting to work with a really vivid, contemporary director – he’s one of the originals around at the moment.”

“Originals” – yep, that’s certainly a word we’d use for LaBute. I wonder if Fellowes has even seen The Wicker Man