Nesbitt Ready For Cold Feet Reunion

James Nesbitt, star of new ITV1 drama Monroe (that definitely did not rip off House…ahem) has revealed he would be game for a Cold Feet reunion.

The possible revival of the popular drama leaked last year, but Nesbitt has only just let it slip that he would definitely consider attaching his name.

And to prove it isn’t a load of rubbish, fellow Cold Feet star, Helen Baxendale told DigitalSpy that she has been approached about the drama’s revival.

Admitting that he has “heard nothing about the reunionâ€? as of yet, he said he’d be “very happy to revisit what was such a good time and [what had] such a positive impact on my career. I’m happy to consider all offers.â€?

Wow, an actor grateful for their initial career breakthrough. That almost never happens.