Never Mind Cheryl, Will Konnie Huq Be Back On Xtra Factor?

Forget worrying about whether Cheryl Cole will or won’t land the American X Factor gig (note to Simon: stop dragging it out – no-one really cares), what everyone really wants to know is whether Konnie Huq will return to her disastrous role as Xtra Factor host.

Yes; she was flappable, had most of us cringing in our seats when she talked in that annoying nasal voice, and generally had a foot-in-mouth presenting style, but it was for those exact reasons that she made the spin-off show better than the main event.

Who could forget Wagner’s, “I am with God, who could be against me?â€? self assured comment, to which Huq replied, “atheists, maybe?â€?

Just brilliant.

Anyway, speaking at the red carpet at the National Television Awards, Huq admitted her position wasn’t safe, telling reporters: “Well they are chopping everything around. As far as I’m concerned at the moment, yes [I will be back]. But you just don’t know what will happen in this weird and wonderful world of television.”

With Caroline Flack, Emma Willis and ‘F Factor’ presenter Matt Edmondson tipped as replacements, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Huq…