New Big Brother To Be “Bigger And Sexier” Than Ever Before

Amid the strife and stress being caused by an ongoing debt crisis in Europe, it is important to remember that our European friends have their uses.

Big Brother is one of them; without those crazy Dutch TV brains we would never have met Nasty Nick, Jade Goody or (God forbid) Brian Belo. We would certainly never have seen Denisse Welch’s boobs in a hot tub…ok, maybe we would have.

Anyway, I digress. The point is that today brings news of a brand new series of the original reality show, with Channel 5 going all out to make this year’s Big Brother the biggest and most outrageous yet.

The sheer girth of the house in Elstree has already prompted plenty of speculation that there will be a record number of housemates entering this year.

There have also been reports about sexy murals being plastered all over the walls, not to mention the rebirth of the infamous hot tub. Despite a few close encounters involving the likes of Makosi and Anthony, Jade and PJ oh, and Michelle and Stuart under a table (yes, that was from memory), there has never actually been confirmed or even vaguely visible sexual intercourse taking place in the house…perhaps this year will mark the start of a new and raunchier sex-fest BB.

An insider told the Daily Star, “The house is almost ready. But knowing Big Brother they may well throw in some last-minute changes.

“The insider added, “They’ll have to make a decision which will have a massive impact on their time on the show.

“The show won’t be a walk in the park for them.â€?

BB favourite Brian Dowling is due to return as host for the second year running, despite calls from some fans to replace the Irishman.

Dowling has already teased fans about the prospect of a dramatic new “twistâ€? in the action this year: “Let the fun and games begin!â€?, he said.

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