New Breaking Bad Season 4 Trailer

For those of you who don’t know, Breaking Bad is the best thing on TV, and it’s entering its fourth season over in America. Over here the series was briefly picked up by FX then sold to FiveUSA, the latter giving it terrible scheduling – the season two finale was broadcast at midnight… on New Year’s Eve. It’s astounding that a show which has done so well in Canada and America, – 17 high profile awards, including six Emmys – has barely seen the light of day in the UK. If it were to be picked up by say, Sky Atlantic, Breaking Bad would be the most talked about show on TV. Thankfully seasons one and two are available on DVD over here, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Breaking Bad sees Bryan Cranston (father from Malcolm In The Middle) in an entirely different role; he plays a scientist with a brilliant mind stuck working a mediocre job (high school chemistry teacher) who suddenly gets diagnosed with terminal lung cancer – Malcolm In The Middle this is not. In order to ensure his family have enough money to live comfortably after his passing Walter hatches a plan, with the help of small time dealer and local lovable rogue (not in a Danny Dyer way, this guy is actually likeable), Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

Thanks to White’s chemistry knowhow the partnership produce the purest crystal meth on the market, which inevitably draws a lot of unwanted attention from the local drug cartels. As the duo find themselves one terrible situation after the next, Cranston’s character undergoes a complete metamorphosis, from easygoing people-pleaser Walter White into domineering drug dealer, ‘Heisenberg’. The rest of the time Walt is a family man, juggling his secret identity with commitments to his overworked wife and disabled son. Oh, and to make matters worse, his brother-in-law is a hard-ass DEA agent.

Over in America Breaking Bad is gearing up for a fourth season, due to premiere on July 17, and to coincide with this they’ve released this new trailer: