New Chris Packham Show Reveals ‘Bizarre Animal Relationships’

Everyone’s favourite* nature documentary presenter, Chris Packham, is set to make a TV return with a new series about the “bizarre relationshipâ€? between creatures.

It was rumoured that the former Really Wild Show presenter would begin in Essex with an examination of Arg and his lesser-spotted on/off mate, Lydia Bright, whose “bizarreâ€? connection continues to baffle and astound viewers who scream “just move onâ€?.

But those rumours were totally unfounded and we now bring you news that in Secrets Of The Living Planet, the naturalist will venture from Brazil to Bangladesh in a bid to explain some of the hidden relationships shared by living things.

In each of the four hour-long episodes, Packham will explore a different ecosystem and the strange symbiotic relationships which exist therein. Apparently crabs in Bangladesh need tigers and geckos in Kenya need giraffes…who knew?!

Shedding light on the reason he took part in the new series, Packham said: “My earliest memories are of discovering beauty in small things. The Ladybird that tickled my palm and pitched on the tip of my finger was formatively perfect.â€?

*sheds tear*

“Understanding nature is not about knowing why birds sing, why bees buzz or why fish swirl in silvery shoalsâ€?, he continued. “It’s about being able to see the bigger picture, being able to see how all life is connected and, by unravelling the stories that link species, it’s also about developing a deeper more profound appreciation of life.â€?

Secrets of The Living Planet is due to air on BBC Two at 8pm on snuggly Sunday evenings. The first episode will be shown on Sunday 24 June.

*after David Attenborough…and Michaela Strachan 


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