New Deathly Hallows Poster & Evidence Of More Plot Changes?

voldemortThe new Deathly Hallows Part 2 featurette caused quite a stir on the internet last week and today we have a brand new poster for this summer’s epic finale. Of course we’ve all seen one of the ‘new’ stills (below) that Warners officially released the other day, but after a good deal of thinking we realised that the images could demonstrate another serious lurch away from JK Rowling’s novel.

If we know Hogwarts the way we think we do, then this scene is almost certainly taking place upon the same balcony which saw Snape do Big D over at the end of Half-Blood Prince. But as far as we remember, He Who Must Not Be Named did not set foot inside the castle until the very final stages of The Battle of Hogwarts and he certainly never had Potter tied up.

Our guess is that these snaps come between the part when young Harry surrenders himself and the the pair’s final battle (which seems to have been moved from the Great Hall to the courtyard..) What do you think?