New Faces for Pramface in 2014

Jamie (Sean Michael Verey) & Laura (Scarlett Alice Johnson) from Pramface

In this third, six part series Jamie (Sean Michael Verey) & Laura (Scarlett Alice Johnson) are finally growing up. Having a baby together after a drunken one-night stand may not have been the best way to start a relationship, but they’ve adjusted to being young parents and their on-off relationship is back on track. At least that’s what Jamie believes, but Laura’s not sure she’s ready to play happy families just yet.

But then it’s not plain sailing for anyone. The returning cast also includes Laura’s parents Alan (Angus Deayton) and Janet (Anna Chancellor) who are on the brink of divorce, and Jamie’s parents Keith (Ben Crompton) and Sandra (Bronagh Gallagher) who having been evicted from their home are now living in a static caravan park. Friends Mike (Dylan Edwards), Beth (Yasmin Paige) and Danielle (Emer Kenny) and new cast member (Miranda Hennessy) as Isabel, are also struggling with new jobs, and even more challenging new relationships.

Pramface returns to BBC 3 in February 2014