New Harry Potter Trailer (With Genuinely New Footage)

Harry Potter’s final trailer is out today and it’s filled with lightning, explosions, spells, threats, flashbacks; the usual. It even includes Voldemort’s tired tagline – yes, you guessed it – “the boy who lived… come to die.” However, even with all the tired HP clichés, it’s still a fantastic trailer.

We see the back story from all the previous films in quick succession and then get a taste of where it’s all being leading. There are numerous fight scenes between He Who Must Not Be Named and the boy – actually, he’s not really a boy anymore – wizard who lived. Basically the final film looks as if it will be one big battle sequence, interspersed with more minor battle sequences. The entire character cast seems to feature in this ‘final’ trailer at some point and Warner Bros have really packed a lot in there, too much perhaps.