New Reality Show For Frankie Cocozza And Kirk Norcross?

Bosom buddies

It sounds like the format for a rare variety of Japanese torture dreamed up by the devil himself but reports this morning suggest that our worst nightmares may become a reality.

Make that a reality show, starring Frankie Cocozza and Kirk Norcross.

The former Big Brother housemates, who descended from The X Factor and The Only Way Is Essex respectively, are in talks with TV execs about the possibility of a show following their escapades.

“There’s loads of TV talk going on at the moment. It will be great.

“Kirk and I on telly together again loving life in our new flat. It’ll be all about us getting pissed and pulling fit birds.â€?

Sounds delightful. Hmm…could this be the replacement for Borgen over on BBC4?

No, according to Frankie’s agent, “this is all miles off from happeningâ€?. That, Mr Agent, provides precious little relief, where is your flat out denial?

The show sounds an awful lot like Kirk’s TOWIE antics…surely Frankie would not have been stupid enough to have denounced the Essex-based show while he was riding high on his temporary X-Factor wave of success?

Cut to Frankie riding high on the crest of his X-Factor wave of success: “I couldn’t think of anything worse than being on TOWIE.â€?

Oops. But what do you reckon to the idea of a Coco-cross blend? Reality gold or destined for the TV pits?