Nic Cage And John Cusack For Frozen Ground

nic210Hmm, seems like the casting director read the names in the wrong order. Nic Cage is pondering a role in Frozen Ground as a by-the-book cop who must stop family man turned killer John Cusack from committing a series of grisly murders.

It’s based on the real life event of John Hansen who appeared to be your regular everyday family man but in reality abducted more than 12 women over a 24 year period, flew them to Alaska and hunted a murdered them.

Cage meanwhile will play a straight-laced cop who meets Hansen’s one surviving victim on the street and works with her to bring Hansen to justice.

Playing against type? Intriguing. Unfortunately it’ll mean that we won’t get to see Nic Cage flipping out like a nutcase which will be a great shame.

We never get sick of this: