Nice Guys Finish Last? The Voice Loses A Million Viewers..

A couple of weeks ago, the BBC claimed that they had finally managed to produce a reality talent contest which entertained without being nasty to contestants, but bosses are being forced to consider that approach this morning after Britain’s Got Talent surged ahead of The Voice in the ratings.

The singing competition attracted a million less viewers on Saturday night than a week previously and viewers have complained that coaches are sugar-coating their comments to support average acts. In the auditions, the novelty of the swivel-chairs managed to keep viewers interested, but now it seems that audiences find the lack of bite rather dull.

According to The Sun, producers have ordered, Tom Jones, Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue to get nasty with their acts. What’s more, they will now double the number of acts given the boot to four a week, rather than two.

“The Voice originally sold itself as being the ‘nice’ talent show and viewers loved that when it was coupled with the drama of the spinning chairs during the blind auditions,” a source told the newspaper. “But once the show moved into its live stage, a lot of viewers have tired of it and criticised the coaches for being too nice to singers who just aren’t that great.

“Bosses have now told them to toughen up, be meaner and to really speak their minds — even if it means upsetting people. The coaches made progress on Saturday but there is still a long way to go.â€?

Jessie J – who spent much of last week championing the positive attitude of the show – also seems to have changed her tune this week..

“I am going to be meaner,” she explained. “It does get to the point where everyone is a bit too nice. It is hard when Tom, Will and Danny are saying people are great and I think they are c**p. The first results show got really emotional and everyone was in tears and it just really p****s me off!â€?

Hannah Berney and Ruth-Ann were given the boot last night, but not all viewers were disappointed to see them go.

“The coaches said that Ruth-Ann was ‘pitchy’ but I thought that the phrase “completely off-key” would have been more appropriate,” tweeted Lorna H.

BGT outscored The Voice by two million viewers on average over the weekend, peaking at 11 million, compared to 9.1 million watching BBC One.