Nick Hewer: “I Need Botox For My Crazy Eyebrows”

All rise: Nick's eyebrows are out of control

Apprentice sidekick, Nick Hewar, has admitted that botox may be his only option for banishing his twitchy eyebrows.

Nick’s fidgety face has earned him plenty of attention from intrigued viewers but the 68 –year-old claims he has no idea what his eyebrows are up to.

He said: “I don’t realise when I’m doing the frown.

“I’ve got a very mobile face and I think the cameramen pick up on it. I’m thinking I might have Botox to make it impossible to raise my eyebrows.

“It’s not like I practise it in the mirror. No one makes me raise my eyebrows on cue. I am what I am. Nobody would have the nerve to ask me to do something to suit the cameras and there are no retakes.”

Nick’s steely glare has already prompted the firing of Bilyana Apostolova when he supervised the girls in week one of this year’s Apprentice.

But the Sugar sidekick insists that he does not have any direct influence on who gets the hold heave-ho: “If anyone dared to tell Alan who to fire, he’d hit the roof.

“We never know who he is going to fire right up until the very moment he does it.”